Influences besides Zep: Joe Morello and Louie Bellson
Equipment: Ludwig Amber Vistalite in the Bonham configuration, Paiste Cymbals
Band says: "In music, nothing dictates the texture of a piece and its desired emotive response more than its rhythm, which to me makes it music’s most important element. This is the reason why, when discussing rock and roll, the drummer is often referred to as the “backbone” of a band. So logically, without a drummer as skilled as Scott Crisafulli, a band can never hope to achieve any heightened level of success. Scott’s ability to flawlessly perform the works of the legendary John Bonham is a genuinely rare talent, and his drumming prowess continues to impress me even to this day. Simply put, without Scott Crisafulli, there is no Dazed." - Mike