Influences besides Zep: Bruce Dickinson, Brad Delp, Roger Daltrey, Bon Scott and Brian Johnson
Equipment: Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone, lots of spunk
Favorite Zep Album: Houses of the Holy, because it's so diverse and the songs are so intricate and experimental, especially The Song Remains The Same and No Quarter.
Favorite Zep song to play: The Ocean, because it's a very energetic song that just makes you feel great. It's really cool the way that it's structured and how it completely changes near the end, but manages to keep its soul.
Band says: "Hey, as they say, 'it's all about the singer'!  The coolest thing about being next to Mike onstage besides that ridiculous range of his is the fact that he is always rocking out.  I mean, not tapping his foot or hands but eyes closed gyrating wildly, playing air guitar, bass and drums at the same time.  We get in a good groove and then I look over and see that--it's pretty frikkin' badass."  - Rick