Keyboards/Bass Guitars
Influences besides Zep:
The Cars, Queen, Ultravox
Equipment: Various Keyboards, Roland Amplification
Favorite Zep Album: Led Zeppelin IV. It was my first Led Zeppelin album that I stole from my older sister...she also had the sheet music to "Stairway to Heaven" so I was already practicing for DAZED at age 9. With songs like "Going to California", "Black Dog", "Rock and Roll" and the amazing "Battle of Evermore", how can you go wrong?
Favorite Zep song to play: Tie--No Quarter and All my Love
Band says: "When the band was talking about bringing a keyboard player into the mix, I was extremely hesitant but I was still the 'new guy' so what was I going to say? A Zep band with keyboards? I realized how wrong I was about a month later when Billy couldn't make a rehearsal and we all just cancelled it because it made no sense getting together if he couldn't be there. Not only does Billy play the Mellotron and Hammond parts of the songs flawlessly, he adds so much besides that in places where a straight 4-piece band traditionally sounds empty--and he makes it all feel like it was there all along. He really is a witch with that..." - Rick